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Wellcome to EGE-MACC

Ege University Microalgae Culture Collection, is located under the roof of Ege University Department of Bioengineering. EGE-MACC was established with about 30 species which are isolated within a TUBITAK project, was completed in 2004, titled " Culture Collection of The Some Microalgae Found In The Inland Waters”. In the same year, EGE-MACC has became a member of WFCC (World Federation of Culture Collections). In the following years, new species, isolated from the new projects and studies, was added to the collection. A large number of marine species was added to the collection within the Marex (Exploring Marine Resources for bioactive Compounds: From Discovery to Sustainable Production and Industrial Applications) Public FP7 project, has been continued from 2010 to 2014.

Due to the increasing in number of new species, lack of staff and storage problems, studies began for a Tubitak project titled “Determination and Optimization of Appropriate Cryopreservation Methods of Microalgae and Cyanobacteria ".

EGE-MACC, is Turkey's first microalgae culture collection. It serves isolation and culture of native species, also storage other cultures obtained from collections.

Species are free for ongoing study in Ege University Bioengineering Department and partnership who make collebrations and Project with us. Selling of the species is not possible due to the lack of infrastructure and staff.